Job Posting Description, Instructional Coach (20-21 school year)
Contact Information
Human Resources - Sarah Painter
408 South Carroll Ave
Michigan City, IN 46360
Job Locations
Multiple Buildings
Application Open: 04/28/2020, Filing Deadline: 05/29/2020
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 Job # Description
213 Instructional Coach

Assignment Category:                   1.0

Education Required Level:            Bachelor’s Degree, minimum

General Purpose

The instructional coach is an important lever in improving student achievement by building teachers’ capacity and understanding of evidence-based instructional practices. Instructional coaches are learners who model continuous improvement and lifelong learning while demonstrating a commitment to student success. Instructional coaches are expected to support the instructional capacity of all teachers across all subject areas. All coaches work collaboratively as a team with the Office of Curriculum and Leadership in supporting district initiatives and best practices. 

 Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • High-quality instruction in classrooms through the use of coaching cycles that include modeling, co-planning, co-teaching, and providing feedback to teachers.
  • Building strong relationships with teachers, administrators, support staff, and other coaches.
  • Mentoring new teachers during their first and second year.
  • Providing direction and coordination for how the curriculum is taught consistent with MCAS district initiatives and strategic goals.
  • Supporting teachers and administrators in using data and student work samples to improve instruction.
  • Providing professional development that develops knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors designed to accelerate student achievement on targeted topics focused on our diverse student population. 
  • Promoting and modeling cultural competencies and equity through coaching and professional development activities.
  • Developing coaching plans collaboratively with teachers that improve student achievement.
  • Supporting district professional development through coaching cycles and routines.
  • Developing a coaching schedule with building principals.
  • Submitting weekly coaching logs and data points aligned to coaching and student learning.

 Education and Experience

  • Five years of classroom experience with a record of successfully impacting student learning and working successfully with students that have the greatest needs.
  • Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, demonstrating the ability to create and cultivate a professional community of learners.
  • Proven ability to use data to improve student achievement.
  • Demonstrates professional growth, including leadership and participation in a wide range of significant professional development.
  • Demonstrates strong leadership qualities and interpersonal skills, including giving and receiving feedback.
  • Strong pedagogical knowledge and content expertise.
  • Models continuous improvement, demonstrates life-long learning, and applies new learning to improve student outcomes.

Salary and Benefits

 Payment Type:                  Salary, per MCEA Agreement

 Benefits:                              Comprehensive medical, annuity contribution, ITRF, life insurance

 The Michigan City Area Schools does not discriminate on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, sex (including transgender status, sexual orientation and gender identity), disability, age, religion, military status, ancestry, or genetic information, which are classes protected by Federal and/or State law (collectively, "Protected Classes"). This includes the Corporation's employment opportunities, programs, and/or activities, or, if initially occurring off Corporation grounds or outside the Corporation's employment opportunities, programs and activities, affecting the Corporation's environment. For further information, clarification, or complaint, please contact the MCAS School Administration, 408 S. Carroll Avenue, Michigan City, Indiana 46360 at (219) 873-2000 for Title IX (gender equity related issues); or Special Education Director , 408 S. Carroll Avenue, Michigan City, Indiana 46360 at (219) 873-2000 for Section 504 (non-discrimination/disability issues and Americans with Disabilities). Any other information concerning the above policies may be obtained by contacting the Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins, 408 S. Carroll Ave., Michigan City, Indiana 46360 at (219) 873-2000.


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