Job Posting Description, Speech and Language Pathologist (20-21 school year) Revised
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Human Resources - Sarah Painter
408 South Carroll Ave
Michigan City, IN 46360
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Multiple Buildings
Application Open: 05/05/2020, Filing Deadline: 09/04/2020
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 Job # Description
031 Speech and Language Pathologist

General Purpose

Reporting to the Special Education Director, the Speech and Language Pathologist plans, organizes, and implements an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential and participates as an active member in a strong professional community.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Provide speech and language  therapy  for students  as assigned o
  • Plan, prepare and deliver  instructional activities
  • Develop schemes of work and lesson plans
  • Complete  required  speech and language  screenings  and evaluations in compliance with  guidelines and legal  requirements
  • Interpret assessment results  for parents  and, where appropriate, for students and school staff
  • Assist in the  development of other components  of students' developmental, health and social history  as required
  • Chair case conferences  (initial and annual)  as required
  • Develop and complete  Individual Education Plans utilizing the Indiana  IEP System
  • Serve as a resource and collaborate  with  outside  agencies  as appropriate
  • Provide in-service  training  and make recommendations for parents  and staff  on speech and language  issues
  • Complete  DOE required  annual  assessments  (i.e., ISPROUT/IAM/ILEARN)
  • Demonstrate competency  in administering specific  assessments of articulation, receptive  and expressive  language, pragmatics, fluency, phonology, and voice
  • Demonstrate proficiency  in Augmentative and Alternative Communications systems
  • Maintain  service record through  Go Solutions  database (or others  as assigned)
  • Attend  and participate in speech and language  staff  meetings
  • Establish  and communicate  clear objectives  for all  learning  activities
  • Provide a variety  of learning  materials  and resources for use in educational  activities
  • Identify and select  different instructional resources  and methods  to meet  students' varying needs
  • Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning  materials and equipment
  • Use relevant  technology to support instruction
  • Observe and evaluate  student's performance  and development
  • Manage student  behavior  by establishing and enforcing  rules  and procedures
  • Maintain  discipline in accordance with  the rules and disciplinary systems  of the school
  • Apply appropriate disciplinary measures  where necessary
  • Establish  positive relationships with  students by counseling students with  academic problems  and providing student  encouragement
  • Keep up to date  with  developments in subject  area, teaching  resources and methods and make relevant  changes to instructional plans  and activities
  • Will provide teletherapy to students as directed

Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Speech and Language
  • Meet professional teacher education requirements of Michigan City Area Schools and the State of Indiana
  • Possess or be eligible for Indiana certification (Communication Disorders)
  • Relevant teaching or student teaching experience
  • CCC accredited

 Salary and Benefits

 Payment Type:               Hourly

 Benefits:                         No benefits

 The Michigan City Area Schools does not discriminate on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, sex (including transgender status, sexual orientation and gender identity), disability, age, religion, military status, ancestry, or genetic information, which are classes protected by Federal and/or State law (collectively, "Protected Classes"). This includes the Corporation's employment opportunities, programs, and/or activities, or, if initially occurring off Corporation grounds or outside the Corporation's employment opportunities, programs and activities, affecting the Corporation's environment. For further information, clarification, or complaint, please contact the MCAS School Administration, 408 S. Carroll Avenue, Michigan City, Indiana 46360 at (219) 873-2000 for Title IX (gender equity-related issues); or Special Education Director, 408 S. Carroll Avenue, Michigan City, Indiana 46360 at (219) 873-2000 for Section 504 (non-discrimination/disability issues and Americans with Disabilities). Any other information concerning the above policies may be obtained by contacting the Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins, 408 S. Carroll Ave., Michigan City, Indiana 46360 at (219) 873-2000.


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